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Balanced Mic/Line - XLRM to TRS 1/4-inch 30-foot cable
Essential Series

The Essentials line of cables provides a highly affordable entry into the world of Cordial's True to the Source(TM) audio with a wide range of professional products at decidedly musician-friendly prices. The secret? Cordial's engineering, designs, and attention to quality and detail are cost-reduced via offshore manufacturing and the use of Neutrik REAN® plugs. Like their German counterparts, Essentials products use Cordial's 99.99% pure virgin (non-recycled) oxygen-free copper and are manufactured to exacting specifications.


  • 99.99% Oxygen-Free (OFC) non-recycled copper for purest, most dynamic signal
  • 24-guage multi-stranded center cores for flexibility and long life
  • Low capacitance/low resistance design for True to the Source(TM) performance
  • High-Density spiral shield provides exceptional protection from RF interference
  • REAN (by Neutrik) connectors deliver superior fit and durability
  • Hand-soldered to guarantee optimum signal connection
  • Kink-free flexible outer sleeve
  • Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards Cordial is known for world-wide
  • Built-to-last quality
  • Lifetime E-Z Swap Warranty (5 Years on Stage Multi-Snakes). See for details