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Soho Sound 2.6 Bluetooth Wireless Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones, Angel Grey

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

SoHo Sound wants you to know:

The Soho 2.6 is a bit like a Stratocaster – it’s the go-to product in our company’s range. Similar to its big brother, the Soho 45’s, it has active noise cancelling technology and the Soho 2.6 is completely wireless (they call it TWS – true wireless sound).

The big difference with the Soho 2.6 to any product we know of is that you can playback your favourite bangers for up to 100 hours from a single charge.

Hybrid noise cancelling technology is a posh way of saying that the way Soho makes their headphones and the materials they choose stops outside noise coming inside the headphones. When you mix that with active noise cancellation, which is taking in certain sounds and chucking them back out again using microphones and fairy dust, you get a seriously decent isolated audio experience.

Light-weight and durable, you can’t go wrong with the Soho 2.6, so whether you’re using a CNC machine all week and want to relax to sweet sounds of Sam Cooke or you’re riding the tube and need that boost of Bob Marley, these will not let you down.

Features Explained:


All with the touch and swipe of no button! Playback controls on the Soho 2.6 are all made from the touch pad in the right ear piece.


Ultra-soft memory foam head cushion allows all day wear without any irritation or discomfort. There’s no point in having headphones that last for 100 hours from 1 charge and them not being ultra-comfortable.


Seriously, the Soho 2.6 last for 100 hours, if you don’t use ANC. If you do use ANC, you’ll still get 70 hours. That’s pretty decent.