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Death By Audio Deep Animation Envelope Filter

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music is an authorized seller.

Death By Audio wants you to know:

Forget what you know about envelope filters. The Deep Animation is an amped-up take on your favorite auto-wah effects blasting into dynamic modulated overdrivers, dub-worthy subsonic space bumps, and so much quack you'll want to put it on everything.

This mangled, filter-sweeping, abruptly overdriving pedal syncs its wave-thumping movement with your attack to totally funk up your signal across six specially tuned frequency ranges (selectable via rotary switch) for anything from swelling organic filters to sludgy sub-bass distortion. Doubling the fun, the Up/Down footswitch adjusts the gain staging and reverses the filter direction so you can change registers on the fly--a neat trick for solos or when you need that last riff to come in extra heavy.

The Deep Animation is a freaky beast of a filter, but it's easy to get great sounds out of its intuitive controls. Sensitivity sets the threshold and frequency range of the filter sweep, while Intensity controls the resonance, amount, and overdrive of the filter.

When the groove absolutely has to be tight, you can connect an external source like a drum machine, synthesizer, or another guitar to the TRIG input (optional) and use that source to activate the filter for tempo-locked filter effects.

From dog-whistle to down-and-dirty, this envelope filter spans octaves and transcends genre. The sounds are wild, the thump is thick, and the animation is deep.

Input: Plug an instrument in to this jack.

Trig: Plug another instrument in to this jack and use it to trigger the filter sweep.

Out: Connect this to the amplifier.

Sensitivity: Determines the point at which the filter engages and the frequency range of the filter shift in relation to the input amplitude.

Intensity: Simultaneously blends in the resonance, amount, and grit of the filter.

Vol: Adjusts the output volume of the DEEP ANIMATION.

Frequency Selector: Selects the frequency range of the filter.

Bypass: True bypass the effect.

Up / Down: Controls the polarity of the filter decay. UP sweeps the frequency from low frequencies to high. DOWN sweeps from high frequencies to low.

Additional Features: There is a subtle light to indicate the external trigger behind the main bypass LED.