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Death By Audio Micro Harmonic Transformer Fuzz

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music is an authorized seller.

Death By Audio wants you to know:


Back by popular demand!

The Micro Harmonic Transformer packs the same crunchy, gigantic harmonic saturation, distortion, and sustaining fuzz of the original cult-classic Harmonic Transformer in a smaller, pedalboard-friendly format.

There's six, count 'em, six transistors in the Micro Harmonic Transformer that are specially tuned to react only when there's a signal present, so this pedal gives you all the raging overtones you need from ripping fuzz tones, clanging mid-scooped riffs, complex intermodulated harmonic distortion, and squelchy alien feedback that'll freak out just about anything with two ears and a pulse, and it stays quiet when you're not playing.

Give your sound a swift kick in the pants with extra sonic energy and full-spectrum distortion that sounds great on any instrument. Bring guitars into focus with natural, articulate saturation and dirt, or vicious, mid-scooped square wave thump and sizzle that goes past fuzz territory and beyond. Listen as a bass guitar goes from "pretty good" to "mind-blowing growly noise-rock-and-roll overdrive" with the stomp of a footswitch. Breathe new life into your old synthesizer patches and drum machines with over-the-top harmonic insanity. Run drum submixes through it to de-digitize them and get blasted by raw saturated power.

The controls on the Micro Harmonic Transformer are simple so your instrument can do all the talking. The Intensity Switch selects the level of transformation from natural-sounding harmonic overdrive to a rude, over-the-top fuzz with higher gain and extended harmonics. The Harmonic Shape switch goes between two specially-tuned complex filter arrays that lets you choose either a warm, full-bodied sound with a pleasing organic crunch or a dry, mid-scooped sound with a tighter attack and sharper edges. The Volume knob controls the output level and is juiced up with tons of output past unity gain so you can slam the front end of your amplifier for extra grit!

The Micro Harmonic Transformer is highly interactive with the input signal, so experiment with pedalboard placement and pedal combinations to unlock new sounds! Dial in lighter overdrives and gated, decaying fuzz envelopes by rolling back your instrument's volume control, or run it wide open for crushing, colossal distortion sounds loud enough for the neighbors to enjoy. Take it to the max!


Volume: Controls master volume.

Intensity Toggle: Adjusts the mix of the transformation, increasing the fuzz, and bringing out harmonics.
Harmonic Shape Toggle: Adjusts a complex filter, changing the harmonic content. Choose between a deep, full harmonic spectrum, or a drier, scooped metallic sound.


Dimensions: 4.83" x 2.98" x 2.34" (including hardware)
Weight: 10 oz.
Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).
Current Draw: 1 mA.