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Specially designed for Japanese guitar legend Akira Takasaki, this Cry Baby Wah features a lower frequency sweep and a switchable fuzz circuit for expressive leads infused with fiery harmonics. Features auto-return switching, LED indicators, and more. Read more...

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Dunlop Akira Takasaki Cry Baby Fuzz Wah

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

Dunlop Cry Baby wants you to know:

Japanese rock legend Akira Takasaki is famous for his fast, intricate riffs and melodic compositions—most notably heard in the heavy metal band Loudness. The Cry Baby Akira Takasaki Fuzz Wah is specially designed to complement and accentuate Akira’s style, delivering huge chords and leads that sing with fiery vocality. With a custom low-frequency sweep and a switchable fuzz circuit, this pedal puts the perfect blend of high-gain saturation and sweeping expression right at your feet. Auto-return switching allows you to step into the effect just as long as you need to make your passage pop, and LED indicators indicate whether the fuzz or wah effects are active.

"The best ROCK wah pedal for live performances,” Akira says. “From the moment you step on the pedal, this badass effect simultaneously roars out fuzz along with the traditional Cry Baby Wah sound!"