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The 535Q Cry Baby Multi-Wah features a six-position Range Selector, a Variable Q control, and a switchable boost circuit so you can dial in the ultimate wah tone. Read more...

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Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q Multi-Wah Pedal

This is a brand new item, unused, in original packaging. Z String Music is an authorized seller of Dunlop products.

Dunlop wants you to know:

The Dunlop Crybaby 535Q offers versatility never heard before. This pedal lets you customize and shape the sound of your wah. By a simple turn of the "Q" dial, you can shape your wah from a narrow, sharp wah to a broad, subtle wah. The Dunlop Crybaby 535Q also offers six new guitar wah ranges, a variable boost from 0 to +26 dB and a hard wire on/off switch. Its new custom circuitry consumes less power and eliminates unwanted distortion. The Dunlop Crybaby 535Q is the guitarist's premium"do it all" wah-wah pedal. Control over every parameter lets you sculpt the effect to your liking. Select the frequency center of the effect, then dial in the breadth (frequency range) to be swept by the pedal's travel. From narrow & sharp to broad & subtle, this clean, noise-free wah puts the control in your hands (and foot). Used by Jeff Beck.

  • Wah Range Selector - The Wah Range Selector knob is locatedon the side of the 535Q pedal. It allows you to select a tonal range that is best suited for your expression needs. Turn the knob clockwise for the lower register ranges and counter-clockwise for the higherranges.
  • Volume Control- By turning the Volume Control knob located on the left side of the pedal, you control the amount of gain. Turning the knob clockwise will increase your gain to up to 16dB.Turning the knob counter-clockwise will decrease your gain to 0dB, or normal throughput. Variable Q - The "Q" adjustment isalso located on the left side of the pedal; you can control the sharpness of the bandpass with this adjustment. High Q is a very selective bandpass filter, low Q is a very broad bandpass filter approaching an almost volume-like control. The lower Q settings have more musical quality and don't effect tone as much as the high Q settings.
  • Solid Construction - The CRYBABY 535Q features a heavy, die-cast construction, for a road-ready wah pedal that'll provide years of reliability.
  • Powering Options - Power the CRYBABY with a 9-volt battery, or grab an optional Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter for powering via outlet.
  • One-Year Warranty - Dunlop provides extra peace of mind by offering a one-year warranty from date of purchase.
  • What's in the Box - Dunlop 535Q Multi-Wah Crybaby Pedal, User's Manual