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MXR Gran Torino Boost Overdrive, CSP033G (Limited Edition for 2024)

** In-Stock and Shipping Immediately -- NOT a Preorder! **

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

MXR wants you to know:

  • Recreates classic tube tones
  • MOSFET technology
  • Dynamic boost with natural compression
  • Limited edition

The MXR Gran Torino Boost Overdrive harnesses MOSFET technology to amplify and enrich the natural sound of your rig with the warm, organic sound of classic tube amps—and it comes with a simple-yet-effective set of controls to shape its tone to complement your setup. Setup is easy—just dial in your desired Master volume and Gain levels, fine-tune it all with the 3-band EQ, and then choose your output mode with the BOOST/OD switch: Boost for cleaner notes and rich sustain, OD for aggressive, hill-throttle overdrive. On top of that, this pedal uses a Class A Low Impedance Output Driver to preserve the integrity of your sound and prevent signal loss across long FX chains.

Get the MXR Gran Torino Boost Overdrive for organic boosting and goosing that you can tweak to match any rig.