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Cordial Cables Premium Instrument High-Copper Silent Plug Cable, Peak Series - 1/4" Straight to 1/4" Straight Silent Phone Plugs (20-Foot Black Cable)

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

Cordial Cables wants you to know:

Part of the Peak series, our High-Copper series cables boast the highest copper content of any comparable brand. More copper means more of your original signal passes through the cable without compromise, so your highs remain brilliant, your mids stay razor-focused, and your lows thump the way you do - even over long distances. You put your all into your music and your tone. Shouldn't you be using cables that can deliver it?

High-Copper cables include all the features of Peak series cables, plus:

• Largest diameter copper conductor cores on the market, typically 3x standard cables
• Exceptional linearity and frequency response
• Ideal for long-run applications; pure signal transmission up to 50 ft.

Our CSI PP-SILENT guitar and bass guitar cable features NEUTRIK® Silent Plug technology, which allows the user to disconnect the cable from the instrument without causing any loud or crackling noise even if the amp is at full throttle. The newly developed REED switch in the new NEUTRIK® Silent Plug mutes the guitar signal, thus preventing any noise effectively. The matching CORDIAL bulk cable CGK 175 with a conductor cross-section of 0.75mm² exhibits low conductor resistance, minimal mechanical noise and a very low capacitance resulting in an overall brilliant sound.