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Reunion Blues RBXS Auto Yoke Hanging Guitar Stand (RBXS-HG3)

For a while, we've been fans of the auto-yoke style of guitar stands, and have totally ditched the crummy tubular ones that break easily, tip over, and don't securely hold your instrument. This model, from Reunion Blues really impressed us with its design, solid construction, and overall functionality. The legs and extension column operate a lot like a photo tripod, with a very sturdy latching system. The neck yoke flips over and is designed not only to gently hold your guitar (electric or acoustic) or bass by the headstock, but will also tilt to accommodate different headstock styles and live your instrument hanging straight down, with the back resting gently against the foam covered legs. Highly recommended.

This is a brand new item in original box, factory fresh. Z String Music is an authorized seller of Reunion Blues products.

Reunion Blues wants you to know:

In a sea of different guitar stand designs, the RBX Hanging Guitar stand with self-locking yoke rises above the rest. The hinged auto-yoke will accommodate most electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, and locks the instrument in place using it's own weight. All of the plastic parts are made from high-impact, shatter-proof polyethylene, and our hinge mechanism includes a durable metal pin, assuring that this stand will hold up for a long time to come. The sturdy steel tripod frame collapses down easily for storage or transport, and all contact points are finished with non-reactive foam that is safe for most lacquers and finishes. Height adjustable center post can be set easily for different instrument types.

  • Padded, self-locking yoke to secure guitar/bass headstock
  • Self locking yoke features a metal pin in the hinge for better longevity
  • Hinged Tripod design with rubber feet for balance and stability
  • Non-reactive foam protects instrument lacquer
  • Collapsible Steel Frame folds down for easy transport
  • All plastic parts made from high impact, shatterproof Polyethylene
  • Adjustable 23" min to 42.5" max height from yoke to lower bout pad edges
  • Yoke width open: 2"
  • Yoke width closed: 1.5"
  • Will accommodate most acoustic, electric, and bass guitars