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Rock Slide Aged Joey Landreth Signature Guitar Slide (Small, Brass)

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music is an authorized seller.

Rock Slide wants you to know:

We met Joey Landreth through our website. Joey eventually sent us a copy of his album Let it Lie. When we listened to it we were floored by 4 part vocal harmonies, acoustic, dobro, and straight up rock with a hint of country. It's no wonder they are Juno Award winners and touring internationally. Over the years, we have become friends and recently developed a signature slide for him.

Joey's guitar slide is a modified version of our original small brass slide. We stretched it out to 2 1/8 inch length compared to the original 1 3/4 inch length. This gives some added weight and full string coverage.

7.5mm x 54mm Ring Size 7-8.5

Joey Landreth says:

"Rock slides are the cumulative result of engineering savy and guitar player intuition. The subtle tweaks to the geometry and ergonomics make it easier and more efficient to play slide guitar. There's a worn out spot in my jeans where my rock slides live." Tone comes from the hands, but if you have to put something between your guitar and your fingers, it better be a rock slide."