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Warwick Teambuilt Pro Series Corvette $$, 4-String, Fretless Bass, Passive Pickups and Active Electronics - Nirvana Black Transparent Satin (2021)

Serial Number = GPS C 008893-21 
Weight = 9.2 lbs

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.  What a gorgeous bass, versatile in tone and enjoyable to hold and play.  Difficult to photograph, and only visible up close but you can see there are a few minor "whisker" scratches on the fretboard from the roundwound strings that come standard (from a light play-test during inspection--you will create more of your own!)--we've included extra pictures of the fretboard so you can see how beautiful and clean it is overall.  Includes a nice RB Starline gig bag.  Photos show actual item for sale.

Warwick wants you to know:

Warwick Pro Series: Made in Germany

  • Warwick Teambuilt Pro Series Corvette $$
  • 4-string electric bass
  • fretless
  • 34" long scale
  • US Swamp Ash body
  • bolt-on construction
  • 3-piece laminated Ovangkol neck
  • Tigerstripe ebony fingerboard
  • 20" radius
  • 24 positions
  • Just a Nut III Tedur
  • nut width 38.5 mm / 1.5"
  • passive MEC MM-style pickups
  • active MEC 2-band electronics
  • controls for Volume P/P / Balance / Treble / Bass
  • Warwick machine heads
  • 2-piece Warwick bridge
  • string spacing 19 mm / 3/4"
  • distance E to G string 57 mm / 2 1/4"
  • Warwick security locks
  • Warwick Black Label Strings (40200 M) .045"-.105"
  • Nirvana Black Transparent Satin finish
  • chrome hardware
  • approx. weight 3.9 kg
  • incl. Warwick Pro Series User Kit (RB PROD WGPS TOOL CO)
  • incl. Starline RockBag (RB 20505 STARLINE)
  • made in Germany