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Cordial Cables Y Adapter (Black), Essentials Series - 1/8" Stereo TRS to Left/Right Female XLR Mono Plugs, 6-Foot Cable

The Essentials line provides a highly affordable entry into the world of Cordial's True-to-the-Source™ audio with a wide range of professional products at decidedly musician-friendly prices. The secret? Cordial's engineering, designs, and attention to quality and detail are cost-reduced via offshore manufacturing and the use of Neutrik REAN® plugs. Like their German counterparts, Essentials products use Cordial's 99.99% pure virgin (non-recycled) oxygen-free copper and are manufactured to exacting specifications.

Features include:

• Cabling designed and manufactured to Cordial's exacting specifications

• 99.99% pure virgin oxygen-free copper core and shield for optimum signal transmission

• High-density copper shield for electrical noise rejection

• Noise-eliminating core sleeve

• Low capacitance/low resistance

• Hand-soldered Neutrik REAN® connectors

• Competitively priced/superior performance

• Lifetime EZ-Swap Limited Warranty

If the audio signal is to be sent directly from XLR to mini jack plug, the 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack plug to 2x XLR female adapter cable CFY WFF comes into play. The split at both ends of the cable is about 15 cm long. All connectors are hand soldered and come from the Neutrik® product family (REAN made by Neutrik®). The cable features XLR connectors with red/black markings for better left/right distinction and its cross-section is 2x 0.22mm².