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Catalinbread STS-88 Flanger/Reverb

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

Catalinbread wants you to know:

Welcome the STS-88 flanger/reverb to the family! We have been working on this one for a while and are so happy with how it came out. It’ll cover your essential flanging needs, but also take you some places you thought you wouldn’t go with a flanger. You can get shoegazey, post-punky, or make absolutely out-there soundscapes. It pairs extremely well with dirt by design. Maybe you wouldn’t think to use a flanger/reverb for a songwriting session, but that is exactly where this pedal thrives.

After having acquired more flangers than should be allowed by law, we sealed ourselves away in the laboratory to study the nuts and bolts of the effect. What emerged was the STS-88, a love letter to the flanger. Our development sector contains units of all types, from the ubiquitous Boss HF-2 and EHX Electric Mistress to more exotic pieces like the Effectron ADM256 and MXR Flanger/Doubler. In one late night frenzy of pedal swapping, we discovered that enveloping a flanger in a cavernous reverb really did the trick. Finding that this pristine combination suffered at the hands of extraneous noise, we embedded a very gentle noise gate to stifle inherent guitar hiss and LFO clock noise. The result is an extremely musical flanger that sounds like an extension of your own instrument, but it can also fuel up and take off when a little dirt of any kind is applied beforehand.