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Thalia Capo - 24K Gold - Flamed Maple Waves

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

Thalia wants you to know:

Flamed Maplewith a UV embossed black design


The Thalia Capo keeps your guitar in tune better than other capos. We do this by matching the radius of your capo to the radius of your guitar's fingerboard, ensuring even pressure across the strings and a happy guitar that stays in tune!


Every Thalia Capo comes with:

Standard Tension Rubber Fretpad Tuning Kit (7 different radii)
High Tension Rubber Fretpad Tuning Kits (7 different radii)
Quickstart Guide

Each of the 2 included rubber tuning kits include 7 different fretpads with the following radii:

0" for Classical Guitars
7.25" for Vintage Fender Guitars
9.5" for Modern Fender Guitars
10" for Ovation, Rickenbacker, etc.
12" for Gibson, Guilds, etc.
15" for Taylor, Breedlove, etc.
16" for Martin, Yamaha, etc.

The High Tension Fretpads are 2mm taller than our standard tension fretpads, so these are needed for 12-string guitars, Ukuleles, Banjos and certain guitars with low profile necks.