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DOD Envelope Filter 440 (2014 Reissue)

Now back in production!

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

DOD wants you to know:

Based on the original DOD Envelope Filter 440 circuit design with updated components.

  • Level Control - Control the sensitivity of the envelope based upon your pick attack
  • Range Control - Control the frequency range of movement of the envelope's sweep.
  • Up/Down Switch - Choose which part of the sweep you want to emphasize.

The 440 has all of the quack, squee, squonk, chicka, mwomp, and weeeooow, that you could ask for. It works equally well on guitar, bass, and keys. Use out for funky chordal work, simulated wah, or trippy drawn-out filter sweeps. While 440 is a faithful recreation of the vintage 440, the addition of the up/down toggle gives it a modern sonic twist.