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DR Strings Single String for Bass Guitar - Fat Beams 130 (B)

**This is a listing for a single string in 130 gauge, typically used for the "B" string on a 5-String Bass **  Please allow one-week for shipment.

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an authorized seller.

DR wants you to know:

FAT-BEAMS™ Bass Strings blend the finest American stainless-steel wrap wire on a round core, but are made with a slower and high compression winding process to produce more pronounced mids, bright highs and a super-fat bottom. They produce an overall fuller sound with a solid punch when it’s needed.

  • The stainless steel wrap wire produces a balanced brightness that cuts through the band
  • The round core increases flexibility for a smooth feel and solid tone
  • The slower process produces more pronounced mids, bright highs and deep lows