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Ef-Note Pro 701 Electronic Drum Kit, Traditional Set (5 Shells, 4 Cymbals), White Sparkle - IN STOCK

** This set is In-Stock and Ships Immediately (in 4 boxes).  NOT a Preorder! **

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music® is an EFNOTE PRO Dealer and you will have a full manufacturer's warranty.

The 701 Traditional Set Includes:

  • PRO 700 Standard Set (EFDPRO7-STDSET), which includes
    • 1x Sound Module (EFD-PRO)
    • 1x Kick Drum (EFD-K2015-WS)
    • 1x Snare Drum (EFD-S1455-WS)
    • 1x Rack Tom (EFD-T1180-WS)
    • 1x Floor Tom (EFD-T1515-WS)
    • 1x Hi-Hat Cymbals (EFD-H14)
    • 1x Crash Cymbal (EFD-C16)
    • 1x Ride Cymbal (EFD-C20)
  • EFNOTE 7 Hardware Set (EFD7-BOX3), which includes
    • 1x Snare Stand (EFD-SS5
    • 2x Cymbal Stand (EFD-CS5)
    • 1x Tom Mount (EFD-TM5)
  • EFNOTE7 Expansion Pack 1 (EFD7-EXPCK1), which includes
    • 1x 10" Rack Tom (EFD-T1070-WS)
    • 1x 18" Standard Cymbal (EFD-C18)
    • 1x Cymbal Stand (EFD-CS5)
    • 1x Tom Mount (EFD-TM5)

**Does not include a Kick Pedal or High-Hat Stand

Ef-Note wants you to know:

About the 700 Series:

  • Full-sized drum setup, building upon 20x15” kick drum for medium/large stages, church and studio. It will give audiences a full visual and musical impression.
  • The 700 series supports all EFNOTE drum/cymbal pads for expanding.


EFNOTE PRO is designed to digitize your drum riser, then elevates your stage.

By simply connecting up to 12 balanced XLR outputs to your stage snake or sound-board, you will be sending and receiving the highest quality drum sounds on the market with total consistency and perfect isolation.

No More Acrylic Panel

There is no need to isolate your drummer from the choir, acoustic instruments, your audience or congregation. Your drummer is now free to connect and engage with everyone!

EFNOTE PRO has eliminated mic bleed and feedback problems on-stage, creating the ideal FOH mixing environment with clarity, balance and control.

Stage-Box Reliability

EFNOTE PRO has eliminated the need to change mics or mic placement, tuning, head replacement and maintenance at every show.

Just assign its 12-ch balanced outputs, using stereo or mono sends, such as kick, snare, toms, cymbals, click and external sampling pad.

Each channel is equipped with HPF, 2-band EQ, individual compressors for Bus 1-6, and ground lift switches.

Remote Control

EFNOTE Tools App provides faster and more reliable rehearsals.

The FOH engineer can change the settings of the output sent to the console without affecting the drummer's monitor sound.

The drummer can also adjust the front sound while playing back the recorded data.