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David Gilmour's guitar strap replica

This guitar strap with crossed and chocolate-colored straps has become perhaps as famous as its owner's black Stratocaster. According to accounts, a similar strap to this one belonged to Jimi Hendrix, and in 2006, David Gilmour's wife gifted it to Mr. Gilmour. From that moment on, Gilmour's guitar strap became the inseparable companion of his Stratocaster. Although the "legend" says this, there has been no way to confirm it, and there are many versions of the story.

The Pink Floyd guitarist's guitar strap is also known as the "Hendrix guitar strap" or "Hendrix strap" and is famous for having been used by Jimi Hendrix, the legendary guitarist. Although there have been rumors that this strap belonged to Hendrix, there is no concrete evidence to support that claim.

The Hendrix strap is distinctive with its brown design and white X-shaped straps. It is an iconic design that has been used by many musicians and has become a recognizable symbol of the classic rock era. While the Hendrix strap is widely known and associated with Jimi Hendrix, its exact origin and direct connection to the famous guitarist remain uncertain. However, its unique style and influence on musical culture have made it a sought-after item for collectors and music fans.

At RightOn!, we have been inspired by this well-known strap and wanted to offer it with its original look and all the characteristics of a RightOn! strap.

Brand new with tags. Z String Music is an authorized seller.

Made in Spain