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RockBoard FlaX Plug 200cm (6.56') flat MIDI Cable - angle or straight (RBO CAB MD FX 200 BK)

Brand new in original factory packaging. Z String Music is an authorized seller.

RockBoard wants you to know:

After the introduction of our flat MIDI cables, we got a lot of feedback, regarding orientation and size of plugs as well as requests for plugs that could be both - angled and straight. We are happy to oblige and took our design team to the task. The result you can see in the RockBoard¨ FlaX Plug MIDI Cables. Based on our slimmed-down Flat MIDI Cable design, these cables offer flat and compact plugs with a omni-directional design. They can be adjusted to be either straight or angled to the left as well as to the right, and locked into place using two hex key set screws. Anything goes with the RockBoard¨ FlaX Plug MIDI Cables
  • flat MIDI cables with rectangular profile with omni-directional, lockable compact plugs
  • plug orientation adjustable from straight to angled by 90 degrees in 2 directions
  • orientation lockable via 1.5 mm hex key wrench (not included)
  • compact design saves pedalboard real estate
  • flat rectangular cable prevents cable breakage, cable jams and keeps your setup tidy
  • suitable for Clock/SYNC Capabilities & Phantom Power
  • flexible oxygen free copper conductors 5 x 7 x 0.12 mm
  • DIN 5-pin connectors
  • max. rated current 1A
  • outer PVC insulation
  • operating temperature -20¡ C to +60¡ C
  • outer dimensions cable (W x H) 6.5 x 3.5 mm (rectangular)
  • plug dimensions straight (L x W x H) 33 x 20 x 15 mm / 1 5/16" x 13/16" x 9/16"
  • plug dimensions angled (L x W x H) 33 x 20 x 20 / 1 5/16" x 13/16" x 13/16"
  • length 200 cm / 78 3/4".
  • black