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Sadowsky Blue Label Bass Strings Set - Nickel Taperwound 5-String (040-125T)

These strings are brand new in original factory packaging.  Z String Music is an Authorized (Preferred) seller of Sadowsky products.

  • Sadowsky Blue Label bright nickel strings for electric bass
  • 5-string set
  • improved midrange presence with less brightness and lower tension feel
  • warmer than stainless steel but brighter than other nickel strings
  • smoother feel to the fingers than stainless steel
  • designed for top-loading bridges, not recommended for through-body stringing
  • taperwound 125 string
  • 040-125 set
  • gauges .040", .060", .080", .100", .125T"
  • bright nickel wrap
  • hex core